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Maka  Tavamaishvili –  was born  on 26 July 1976 in Tbilisi, Georgia.  
During her high school studies, she was practicing music in  Z.Paliashvili  ten-year secondary music  school. In her childhood, she was distinguished with her musical talent and artistic abilities, also she showed a serious inclination towards art and painting. Her paintings were made in pencil, water-color, pastel, ink … 
In 1994-1999  she studied at Shota Rustaveli Theatre University-  faculty of the history of art – graduating  in  art critic.
After graduating from the University, she started to work at Georgian State Televisio, where she had her own TV show “Everything  About The Movie”. She has travelled in different European countries, including Spain.  Spanish culture, especially the art, has highly shaped and influenced her. As a result, many characters of her works  reflect Spanish  aspects. 
From her words, it  can vividly be seen  that Spain was the country which influenced  her to  take  the brush in her hands again and to create her works. 
In spite  the fact that she is married and has five children, her internal energy drives her to create  her works at night under her favorite music. 

Personal Exhibitions: 
2009y. – Gallery “‘Musa”
2011y. – “TBC” Gallery